Monday, September 01, 2008

Cartoon Caption/Anti-Caption Contest Coverage Continues

The winner of Caption Contest 155 (Lee Lorenz's therapy session with Wizard of Oz characters) is
"And my hourly fee is six hundred dollars. You're not in Kansas anymore."
Bill Craig (Ridgewood, NJ)
I think this might be a case where the winning caption words end up in the mouth of the "wrong" cartoon character, in this case the man in the background rather than the man in the foreground. Thoughts?

In Caption Contest 157 (Mick Stevens's living room with view of the cosmos), the nominees are
"Five hundred billion galaxies and nothing's on."
Tom Elia (New York, NY)

"Can I offer anyone a little more oxygen?"
Norma Allewell (Rockville, MD)

"See? Foreclosure's not all bad."
Janice Ambrose (Tucson, AZ)
I think my loser was in the ballpark:
"You think this is impressive? You should see it on my 65" high-definition plasma screen with fiber optic cable!"

The talented and charming Deborah selected the winner (and runners-up) of Anti-Caption Contest 158 (Zachary Kanin's kid at beach surrounded by talking heads emerging from sand):
"I'd hate to be in your shoes! Oh, wait..."
T.G. Gibbon
My loser:
"The undertow and the jellyfish may be keeping people out of the surf today, but it's the sand that's giving me a real pain in the ass!"

Caption Contest 159 is here. Anti-Caption Contest 159 is here.


Here is the current New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest breakdown by state. You can find it all mapped out here.
28 California

24 New York (21 from the Big Apple)

13 New Jersey

7 Virginia (three from NOVA, two from Richmond, one from Charlottesville, one from Roanoke)

6 Massachusetts
6 Pennsylvania

5 Connecticut (two from New Haven, three not)
5 Illinois (four from Chicago—two captions by Lawrence Wood, two drawings by Leo Cullum)
5 North Carolina (two from Charlotte)
5 Texas (three from Houston)

4 Georgia (includes two-time winner Carl Gables)
4 Maryland (none named Mary)

3 Arizona (two from Tucson)
3 Minnesota (Minneapolis 2, St. Paul 1)
3 Ohio

2 Alaska
2 District of Columbia
2 Florida
2 Michigan
2 Mississippi
2 Missouri
2 New Hampshire
2 Oregon (both named Eric, both from Portland)
2 Rhode Island
2 Utah
2 Vermont
2 Washington

1 Alabama
1 Arkansas
1 Delaware
1 Iowa
1 Kentucky
1 Louisiana (New Orleans)
1 Nevada
1 New Mexico
1 Oklahoma
1 Wisconsin
Map Introduction

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Satirical "Eustace K. Tilley" illustration realized by Deborah Grumet from concept by David Marc Fischer

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